How COVID-19 gave way to early digital transformation?

There’s nothing new in it when we say that our working habits have changed drastically in the past two months. There’s hardly anybody whose life has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It not only has changed how we worked in our working spaces but also has changed our regular lifestyle. Our opinions have changed and whatnot. We cannot count things that have changed during this time but we can have a positive attitude towards everything. 

Speaking about digital transformation, we can say that Microsoft has left no stone upturned to find out ways that will help employees in working from home. The Microsoft team has also revealed in one of its blog posts that the 2 years of digital transformation has taken place in just 2 months. All thanks to coronavirus and this is because necessity is the key to the invention. Therefore, in this article, we are going to learn how our working habits have changed since we started to work remotely.     

Let’s find out what’s new –

Other than enabling us to use collaborating apps for online meetings such as Microsoft Teams, it has also enabled provision and management of smart devices that have been connected for remote working. Not only this, but Microsoft has also built safety networks so that your privacy is not compromised while working and remains compliant. Below are given some of the lately built solutions that have taken remote working to another level. 

  • The Windows Virtual Desktop has enabled new experience for management as well as collaboration. It allows you to manage all your Microsoft apps including Teams, Yammer, Skype, and all in one place. The Virtual Desktop will come in handy for Teams users.
  • The lately built Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows you to navigate to a section without any hassle just like you could do in a Control Panel.
  • Azure Active Directory also known as Azure AD lets you navigate through all the endpoints securely by making sure that all your corporate networks are secure.
  • Microsoft Productivity Score, a built-in feature, lets you have deeper insights so that you can keep an eye on employees’ work. This also lets them have an eye on the scope of improvement. 
  • The updated management system to use Virtual Desktop also lets you connect faster than ever. This new improvement has been included in the Azure Portal. 
  • There are features to assign users their tasks separately. Users can do auto-scaling and set up host tools easily. This was all made possible because of Azure Automation and Azure Logic Apps. 
  • The compliance and security have been taken to another level by enabling users to choose the location where they wish to store their data making it easily accessible for them along with high-end security features.

Microsoft keeps on striving hard to make sure that the users of its services stay one step ahead in using technology. Other than this, users are suggested to download updates regularly to never miss out on a feature update.