Microsoft soon to release family safety app

On May 5, 2020, Microsoft in its Office Insider blog post announced its Microsoft Family Safety application. As we all want our kids and other family members should not become tech zombies. Thus, keeping this in mind, Microsoft came up with a plan of launching this app later this year. For this purpose, it will soon release a preview of this app. Also, for putting this plan to test, it is taking sign-ups from the users.

The app will definitely make us see a new wave of security in everything that is related to Microsoft. The application is all set to promote healthier habits among family members, especially children. The app’s digital safety includes several privacy features such as content filtering and setting up screen timing. Other than this, it will include location sharing features so that your family stays safe at every step they take.

Key features of the upcoming app

  • Content filters- these features would ensure your kids’ safety while they are surfing the web. With this filter, adult content will be blocked for children. Elders can easily set it on the web browsers used by children i.e. Microsoft Edge for safer browsing experience.
  • App and game filters- other than the web browsers, you can set game filters and filters on the apps your children spend the most time on.

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  • Set screen time limits- you can easily set screen time limits on the devices that your children use the most. On the contrary, if they use the same device for learning there is an option to set screen limits on individual applications including Xbox.
  • Activity Insights- you can easily have a glance at the digital activities of the other family. This allows you to investigate further from them about what each activity means. It will let you have deeper insights on which websites they are visiting, what are the keywords they are searching for, and also most visited websites can be seen.
  • Weekly reports- you will be sent the weekly reports through the emails so that if you forget something by mistake, it will not harm your safety.
  • Location awareness- with this feature turned on, users can get in touch with each other even if they are not together. By turning on the location sharing feature, users could see the connected members on a map.

Let’s sign you up for the limited preview

Microsoft has thought of launching the preview of the app which would let them have users’ feedback. This will open the gates for improvement which will need to be done. Here’s how you can join the program:

  1. First of all, you need to visit and click on the ‘Create family group’ option.
  2. Now, complete some necessary steps.
  3. Add family members.
  4. You may also invite others to join the group you have created.
  5. Now, you have to enter some details in the ‘preview submission form’.
  6. Next, you need to enter the details about the family members. You can also ask them to do so.

Now that you have completed all the necessary steps, Microsoft will let you use the family safety features for a specific time period. For sharing your feedback about the app, you can navigate to the ‘Help & Feedback’ section of your Microsoft account.