– Setup Microsoft Office Account

Why do you need an Office account?

Without having an account, Microsoft will not be able to verify that you have purchased the Office product through legal means. Moreover, you can do several other things with this single account, so why shall not you have it. Some useful tasks that you can do with this account are as follows:

  1. 1) Redeem your product key- when you purchase an Office product via, the first thing you need to do is redeem the product key and this is not possible without an account.
  2. 2) Install and activate your subscription- whether you have bought your product online or offline, you can proceed in the installation or activation without providing the details of your account that you created at
  3. 3) Renew or reinstall Office- in case your subscription has expired or you wish to reinstall any Office product, then you cannot do this without this account.
  4. 4) Use Office cloud services- to use the cloud services such as saving your work to OneDrive, you need to have an Office account.
  5. 5) Share your subscription- to share your Office 365 subscription with others or use it on other devices in your device, you need to login to this account through these devices.

Now that you know the services that come accompanied with your Office account, you should not delay in creating this account. Let us learn how you can sign up for Microsoft Office.

A new user can follow the steps given below to complete the one-time registration process for using Microsoft Office:

  1. 1) First of all, enter the URL in a browser’s search bar.
  2. 2) Doing this will redirect you to the Microsoft login page.
  3. 3) On this page, you need to click on “No account? Create one!”
  4. 4) Now, you need to enter your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email ID.
  5. 5) This ID will be your username.
  6. 6) You can also select the option to use the phone number instead of an email ID.
  7. 7) Now, click “Next” after entering the email ID/phone number.
  8. 8) Create a new password for this account and click “Next”.
  9. 9) Fill in some other essential details.
  10. 10) Click “Sign Up” when you are done.

Log in to your Microsoft account

Once you create your account for Office successfully, you can finally log in to your account which will make you eligible to access your Office products on the go.

  1. 01) To begin the login process, visit
  2. 02) When the login page opens, enter the registered email address/phone number.
  3. 03) After this, click “Next” and provide your password in the given space.
  4. 04) Upon doing so, click on “Next” again.
  5. 05) Now, you have logged in to your Microsoft account successfully.

Edit details in Office “My Account”

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We are hoping that by now you can easily deploy the Office suite on your computer and PCs. If you still have issues by deploying Office products on your device then visit the official website by tapping on the URL On the website, you will get support from technical assistants that will help you with the best possible solutions for your issues.