Privacy Policy collect comprehensive data that is collected through different sessions of interaction with you and via your valuable feedbacks from the product and services in use that are genuinely issued by Microsoft Office also known as This data is uniquely compiled up by listening to the personal experiences you hold with the product and services we offer. It is freshly cumulated with respect to your perceptions and experiences of the users. Moreover, the data inclusively comes considering the personal data from the views and the feedback from the users about the relative product. We hence state that the personal data we collect is just from the views and the perceptions the users make about the products and services. We also collect the data from the user’s feedback available on third party websites.

How do we use personal data?

The personal data which is collected is used to draw useful informative insights to make the changes and the amendments in. the products and services we offer. Hence, we use personal data to :

  • Do the implementations and changes to our products and services.
  • Give new offers that are readily available for the products and services.
  • Offer the products with the updated information.

Why do we share your personal data?

We share your valuable personal data with your kind consent and approval, this is just because we have to look for completing the pending transactions from the end and then make the amendments in the genuine products that are offered by the Office. In addition to this, the personal data which is collected is genuine and authentic with respect to Office affiliates and subsidiaries. This is just to protect the rights of many valuable customers for securing the data.

Monitoring the flow of personal data

You can control and manage the flow of your personal data that is collected by us. Moreover, you can practice data protection rights on your personal data. In some of the cases, you need to have permission from the law and legal authorities in order to access the personal data. Remember, if you can easily manage your personal data you can:

  • Get the data that is collected on the Office dashboard.
  • Put a limit on the use of personal data for the purpose of advertising.
  • Make effective use of promotional emails and much more.

Microsoft Office privacy cookies

We make effective use of privacy cookies to store the personal data in order to utilize and customize according to the preferences and settings to get permission for signing in. This also helps you to fight back with the fraudulent activities and scams using meaningful insights.

Your organization offering the Office products and services

If your official organization offers the package of the Office services and products then the organization is capable of:

  • Blocking certain Office applications and making changes in the privacy settings.
  • Accessing your valuable personal data that is shared via Office applications for communicating.
  • Using informative and valuable personal data to fetch some results.

Microsoft Office account

If you are using an Office account on a regular basis then there is no need to access the permission for the same. The personal data is connected with the Office account and hence it will deliver some of the relevant data such as the user’s necessary details. If you have signed in to the Office account then you can protect the personal details which are available on the website. Moreover, there are three main types of Office accounts we use:

  • Personal MS Office account
  • Work or School account
  • Third-party Office account

Other relevant and important Privacy information

There is some of the important and relevant information that is readily available on the official website related to the measures for securing personal data. You can easily monitor the personal data on the website. We, therefore, make the efforts for the commitment to protect and maintain the privacy that clearly states the privacy policy and the terms and conditions that apply to our services. There is other relevant and valuable information that is available over the official website that is held by some third parties which are genuine and authentic in nature.