Here’s what you need to know about Windows 10 accessibility

With each passing day, the time takes a new turn. Hence, it has become more than important to keep pace with the changing times and help those with a lesser vision to make the most out of their Windows 10 devices. The Windows 10 accessibility feature has been specifically developed by keeping in mind the difficulty level of people who could barely see.

This is a big step taken by Microsoft so that blinds do not lag behind in any way from those with proper eyesight. Thus, in this information-filled article, you may find a lot of interesting things about Windows so that you can help your colleagues, family members, and others with less vision.

How Microsoft made Windows 10 easier to see and use?

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Advancement in the text cursor

Now, users can personalize the settings for text cursors as well as pointers by using the latest settings of Windows 10. You can now make the cursor easier to use and make the text appear brighter and bigger. People with less vision earlier had difficulty while using the cursor because it was too small for them to see and use, but now this difficulty has been averted by the team of Microsoft. Moreover, users can choose from a wide range of custom colors which makes it easier for them to locate the things on the screen.


Microsoft also made changes in the magnifier and has linked it with the mouse pointer in such a manner that the magnifier follows the pointer. In addition to this, using the pointer they can magnify the things that are present on their current screen. Earlier users need to customize for using this feature, but nowadays this stetting come as default. The use of magnifiers has a positive impact on users because it has resulted in reduced strain on their eyes.

Read aloud

This feature is also added to the magnifier using which you can choose play, pause, and the next option for the text to be read aloud. This will not only reduce the strain of reading but also save time. There are several other control options as well using which you can command Windows to read the next or previous sentence. Also, the ‘read from here’ option is included in the magnifier. This option can be easily used on PowerPoint, Word, as well as Outlook, and simultaneously the magnifier will highlight the text which is being read.

Smart web browsing

The ‘narrator’ function can be utilized while surfing the web when you need to read out pages from the search result. This not only improves efficiency but also gives confidence that you have landed on the right page. You can also make smarter use of Bing for finding out the most popular link for your search result.


Other than the features mentioned above, Microsoft has made changes to the Outlook mail as well. We could see a few improvements in the Narrator’s Outlook experience which help in reading ultimately resulting in smoother, faster, and easier mailing experience. To enjoy all these comprehensive features, a user is suggested to keep his Windows 10 device upgraded by downloading the updates as soon as they roll out.